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Professional Regrouting and Recaulking Services:

Prestige Tile Care offers professional regrouting, recaulking and grout repair services for showers, bathtubs surround tiles, countertops, floors and any other surface with tile and grout. Your new grout and caulk will restore the original beauty and appearance of your entire tile installation.

We take the time necessary to remove the existing grout and caulk and we don't just skim coat new grout over the existing grout. A skim coat regrouting procedure will only last a few months before it will start chipping and flaking away. We use polymer fortified grout specifically designed for strength and durability in showers and wet areas. You can be sure your new grout will be as waterproof and stain proof as possible. Additionally we only use 100% silicone caulk to ensure your caulk will last as long as possible and mold and mildew will not grow in it. After we are done regrouting your shower or bathtub tiles we seal the grout with a professional grade impregnating grout sealer to ensure your grout will stay clean and mold free for years to come.


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Our Process for Regrouting:

Step 1. Clean Tiles and Grout:  We use professional soap scum removers to scrub away the soap scum and grime from your shower/bath walls and floor. Our professional cleaners and soap scum removers combined with hand scrubbing will effectively clean your tiles before any regrouting procedure begins. We also protect surrounding areas with plastic sheets and drop cloths.

Step 2. Remove Grout:  We use professional grout removal tools to remove the grout to ensure the new grout will have a firm base to adhere to. We also remove all the caulk in your shower/bath at this time.

Step 3. Dry Out Shower:  In most cases some water has gotten through your grout and into your shower walls. It is necessary to thoroughly and completely dry your shower walls before new grout is applied. We set up a professional dehumidifier for 3-7 days in your shower to totally dry your shower walls and kill any mold that might have formed there. It is necessary to completely dry you shower walls before new grout is applied. Moisture in your walls will cause the new grout to not set properly and can cause the new grout to discolor.

Step 4. Install New Grout:  We will install fresh new grout in all your grout lines. We use professional grade grout to ensure the new grout will last for the life of the shower. We will use a grout color that best matches your existing grout. You may also decide on a new grout color that suits your preference.

Step 5. Install New 100% Silicone Caulk:  We install fresh new caulk in your shower or bath. We utilize the highest quality 100% silicon caulks that eliminate mold and mildew forming in your caulk. We take great care to ensure the new caulk lines looks good and are done correctly so no water can get through the caulk and into your walls.

Step 6. Seal The Grout:  After our regrouting procedure we seal the grout with a high quality impregnating sealer to ensure your grout will be water resistant and stain free for years to come.

Prestige Tile Care can also Professionally Regrout and Recaulk your Tile Countertops:

We can replace your old countertop grout with fresh new grout to make your tile countertop look just like new. Tile countertops are exposed to a lot of dirt, grease and grime. Over time the grout can start to break down and become impossible to clean. In many cases the only way to restore the look of the tile countertop is to regrout and recaulk it. With our professional regrouting and recaulking procedure we can make your tile countertops look like new again.

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